The Beginner Guide to Use GBA4iOS 2.1 [The Ultimate Guide]

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Playing games over various consoles including Nintendo DS, GBA, Play Station, Xbox delivers enormous fun. Don’t they? The new era’s games are quite powerful in terms of graphics and substantial development like 2080Ti is making games more real possibility.

Years come and go so do games of different genres. But those old games have won peoples’ hearts for a lifetime. Entire humanity will be remembering those classic and vintage games of the early 90s. You will have most probably played those Contra, Pokémon, Mario etc. Isn’t that quite fun?

This is now possible using various video game consoles. Yes, people made web-based gameplay for some popular games but they are not much fun. Playing original games is somewhat every gamer will recommend. You need to have a console like Nintendo to do so.

But powerful emulators like GBA4iOS are capable of playing those games where you won’t need actual game consoles. Yes, you heard right. All you need to do is install the emulator and run the game you like the most. That’s it!

Download GBA4iOS 2.1

However, many folks are connecting dots together. It is quite common because installing outside apps on iOS devices – iPhone, iPad is not as easy as we do over Android. Don’t worry about a thing because in this guide, you will be learning how to use GBA4iOS for playing classic games easily.

At first, download GBA4iOS IPA file from the following link.

How to use GBA4iOS 2.1


  • Cydia Impactor

  • iTunes


  • Computer

  • Game ROM

How to install GBA4iOS for iOS devices

  1. First of all, download Cydia Impactor and iTunes from official stores.

  2. Install iTunes on your machine. Make sure it is of the latest version.

  3. Extract Cydia Impactor to your desktop window. This is also necessary.

  4. Now download GBA4iOS IPA from the link provided above.

  5. Open Impctor.exe file. Don’t run as an administrative privilege.

  6. Connect your iPhone, iPad to the computer.

  7. Tap on Trust button that you will receive within a pop up over your phone.

  8. Drag GBA4iOS IPA and drop it on Impactor software.

  9. Enter your Apple user ID and password. Don’t worry, it won’t save that at the backend.

  10. Wait while it finishes. You will get success in the end.

  11. Go to Settings of your iOS device now.

  12. Find General > Profile & Device Management and find GBA4iOS.

  13. You will see a long certificate name there. Simply tap on it.

  14. Tap on the Trust button the next window.

  15. Launch GBA4iOS app and you’re ready to chill.

How to install GBA4iOS Games on iPhone, iPad

Installing GBA4iOS is not enough to start your favourite game. You must hold a specific game’s ROM to kickstart the play. Just download your favourite game’s ROM from the internet and follow these steps.

  1. Open the game ROM you download by tapping on it.

  2. Select Open in GBA4iOS from the screen.

  3. Launch the emulator and your game will be listed there.

  4. Tap on the game you see there and adjust the controller setting.

  5. The game is started now.

So, this was the easiest and comprehensive guide starting from how to download, install GBA4iOS and play classic games over the same. If you are getting any issues, let me know.



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